Cherry blossom time by Xerones.

I can’t believe that it’s already the END of March! My oh MY how time flies! It’s starting to actually FEEL like spring…the days are a bit warmer, the sunshine lasts longer, and the mud is PLENTY! It’s good to be back in Vermont…i skipped the cold, blustery time of year, and now I’m skipping right to the good stuff. Spring, Summer and Fall. As boring as it is to live in this state, it sure is just plain pretty to look at. 🙂

I still have no idea what i’m doing with my life now that i’m back home. There are a few things i’m working on that hopefully will take off…my aunt who has her own line of cosmetics is working on launching a website soon, and with that will hopefully bring in LOTS more business giving me a wicked fun part time job. I have always LOVED dabbling in her makeup! I’m also trying to start up a little photography biz on the side, so if you are looking to have some new photos taken, let me know!

I’m excited that new seasons bring new life, new changes, and a breath of fresh air. 🙂

*Photo credits to Xerones*


But does anyone else ever get tired of drinking it? I feel like it is all i ever drink. I drink it to stay hydrated, to keep the headaches away, and to help my skin look and feel refreshed. It’s a necessity in life, but so boring and routine. I miss the days of being a kid where calories didn’t matter…i could drink all the kool-aid, apple juice and Snapple i wanted. I miss the days of being a kid when no one knew about the effects of soda…and i could drink all the cans i wanted to. Now every time i pick up a Snapple, i think about the 300 calories I’m going to drink and not really be satisfied. Every time i pick up a diet coke, i think about the effects (most of which i don’t really understand…but i try to be healthy) it has on my body with all of those fancy scientific sweeteners. I miss a refreshing glass of sweet tea….oh how i miss sweet tea! (one thing Northerners sure miss out on!) Sure, there are all kinds of flavor thingys you can add to water…but Crystal Light really isn’t the same. I wish drinks didn’t count….that you could drink whatever you wanted and calories didn’t count. I would gladly give up water, and float away in a sea of diet coke or good old fashioned sweet tea.


– The snow is almost completely melted…thank you rain. Now lets move on to days of endless sunshine…please and thank you.

– I wish someone would buy the handbag i have for sale on eBay…i need some fast cash.

– Working at 5am on Saturdays…because who doesn’t love giving up their only day to sleep in during the week?

– The hair drama continues…i’ve decided to rid myself of these highlights and go back to normalness…can my stylist find my true colors? We’ll find out in a couple weeks…until then, expect to see me in a ponytail.

– I’m working my way through Sex & the City…currently in season 4. Not as good as Friends…but the fashion alone has got me hooked…it’s all so fierce!

– Mistaken Identity…about the girls in Indiana who were mixed up in a car accident…bought the book, can’t wait to read it.

No wait….she IS coming to MY house!!!  I still can’t believe it…watch this clip to see why i’m so excited!

I’ve never been the lucky 10,000th commenter before! If you don’t know who the lovely Anne Jackson is over at Flowerdust.net, you must go give her a shout out!

I’m wicked exicted to meet you Anne! 🙂

I’ve been tagged! I was tagged by Jenny

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Let’s play!

1. I swallow my gum. And if it’s true that it stays in your body for 8 years, well then my intestines must be one big giant blob of Trident Original.

2. This memory just popped into my head…in one of my marketing classes in college, we had to do some video project in our groups. I remember my group had one of hottest guys at Union in it (Ben “Hottie” Hoskins), and for the opening credits in the video, we played the theme song to “Friends” and danced around with umbrellas in the Union fountain.

3. I secretly want to color and cut my hair like Katie Holmes.

4. I like to wear clean pajamas every night.

5. I love sleeping in on Saturdays…sleeping ’til you can’t sleep no more!

6. I won’t shower if the shower is in the least bit clogged. I hate standing in the dirty water. Bleh.

I tag Sarah, Lauren, Jessica, Brooke, Amy, and Leslie. Go! Go! You’re it!


* no better way to start the day then with a homemade banana maple muffin and fresh cup of coffee…

* more snow today…will spring ever arrive?

 * maybe I should buy a snowmobile…

* currently playing on my ipod…jadon lavik…check him out…

* this season of big brother….thumbs down…

* this season of american idol…thumbs up…

* watched 2 movies last night…”two weeks” was so sad….”no reservations” was cute…

* save or spend my tax refund? Save….

* one of my favorite blogs these days…ohmyseven…go say hi…she rocks…

* as ugly as uggs look (or the fake ones I wear), they keep me so warm…
* a new favorite show…john & kate plus 8…makes me tired just watching but I can’t stop…

* I miss my zeta’s…you bet no sweat… ^^^/