– The snow is almost completely melted…thank you rain. Now lets move on to days of endless sunshine…please and thank you.

– I wish someone would buy the handbag i have for sale on eBay…i need some fast cash.

– Working at 5am on Saturdays…because who doesn’t love giving up their only day to sleep in during the week?

– The hair drama continues…i’ve decided to rid myself of these highlights and go back to normalness…can my stylist find my true colors? We’ll find out in a couple weeks…until then, expect to see me in a ponytail.

– I’m working my way through Sex & the City…currently in season 4. Not as good as Friends…but the fashion alone has got me hooked…it’s all so fierce!

– Mistaken Identity…about the girls in Indiana who were mixed up in a car accident…bought the book, can’t wait to read it.