Oh bloggy bloggy blogster, i’m sorry i have neglected you!

I’ll summarize that past few months to catch you up, OK?

  • I’m back in Vermont. Oh, it’s so lovely. I work for family, and you’d think we were Italian by the way we fight daily, and makeup daily. Alas, we’re not Italian. But we sure know how to make delicious cider donuts!
  • I’ve started a little side photography business. Just a hobby, one I’m REALLY enjoying! Have you seen my photos? Well you should. Go here.
  • I have another side part time job working for my own who does color analysis and sells her own line of cosmetics. We are working on her website right now, that hopefully will go live in the next couple months!
  • I’m obsessed with anything and everything photography. I spend my afternoons after my 5am work shift making (and eating) donuts, browsing photography blogs, websites, and learning from the BEST. There is MAJOR talent out there. To name a few? Go here. And here. And here.
  • I like to spend my free time watching the Etsy recently listed items pop up. I have yet to buy anything, but there is SO much i want!

Other than that, nothing else exciting is going on. I’m getting my fill of watermelon. I still haven’t hopped on the Twilight train. And i really need a vacation. 🙂