February 2008

This is from yesterday’s NY Post and i thought it was wicked fascinating! Read alla ’bout it!  




February 26, 2008 — Thieves pulled an Oscar-night heist by

An exterior shot of Damiani, which was robbed of $20 million in jewels.
An exterior shot of Damiani, which was robbed of $20 million in jewels.

tunneling into a famous jewelry store in Milan, Italy, to swipe $20 million in gems – as company bosses partied thousands of miles away in Tinseltown.

As if ripped from the script for “Ocean’s 11,” seven thugs dressed as cops busted through Damiani’s cellar walls and tied up shocked employees before pocketing their loot Sunday night.

The heist could have netted more. Some of Damiani’s most valuable jewels were an ocean and continent away, decorating Hollywood’s elite.

Tilda Swinton was wearing a Damiani diamond bracelet as she won best supporting actress for “Michael Clayton.” Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt have been among Damiani’s famous Hollywood customers.

“Many of the best pieces were in Los Angeles with my brothers for the Oscars,” said patriarch Guido Damiani.

The third-generation family jeweler said he was “very shaken” by the heist but relieved no one was seriously injured.

Damiani officials in Milan and their US headquarters in New York could not be immediately reached for additional comment yesterday.Countless Tinseltown flicks such as “The Italian Job” and “Small Time Crooks” have embraced the theft-by-tunnel plot.

The Damiani robbery had been in the works since Christmas, cops said, with thieves taking advantage of a nearby construction site just behind the showroom.

The brazen, night-shoveling robbers dug their tunnel inside the empty building under construction – but raised no eyebrows because of the ongoing hard-hat work.

Cops almost instantly found the robbers’ ill-gotten path to riches, that was about three feet in diameter. Once the gang of seven robbers broke into Damiani, they took an internal staircase into the showroom, thus avoiding any closed-circuit cameras.

Five workers – three Damiani employees, a caterer and a cleaning woman – were above the robbers preparing for an Oscar-night party when they came through the walls.

Originally, the robbers confronted the stunned employees by saying they were Italian tax police and demanding to see company records.

Victims said the robbers even wore distinct vests donned by investigators of the Guardia Finanza, Italy’s tax and finance authority.

But moments later, the unarmed, unmasked robbers overpowered victims and bound them with plastic cable ties and construction tape.

All the victims were taken to a bathroom, while the thieves forced the manager to show them to safety-deposit boxes, police said.

The bandits methodically emptied the boxes and escaped in a van long before employees freed themselves and sounded an alarm.

Even though the robbers made no effort to conceal their identity, detectives said they’ll treat this heist as an inside job because of the suspects’ intricate knowledge of the Damiani offices.



I went to Target yesterday on my lunch break. Target it such a happy place and makes for a great pick-me-up halfway through the work day. It’s the little things that I find entertainment in…like the dollar aisles, which by the way is jam-packed with wicked cute Easter stuff!…the DVD aisles, hunting for those little “price break” signs and finding a DVD you want on super sale!…and the stationary aisle, who doesn’t love finding super sweet note cards at a bargain price? Another aisle that I often find myself in is the aisle of journals. I like to look at the journals, touch the pretty ones, and see if any are destined to be in my hands. Honestly though, I’m not a big journaler. Not as much as I would like to be or try to be. I like to look at them though in case I find one I like, one that will be pretty and exciting enough for me to want to use it….one that will be pretty and exciting enough for me to…. want to spend quiet time with God. (gasp!)

It’s easy for me to avoid getting up early to be with God and I’m a huge procrastinator. I want to sleep longer. I need to shave my legs thus my shower will take longer. I don’t have my outfit picked out so longer time is spent pacing in the closet. I don’t think God hears me. I’m too lazy to actually write things down. The list goes on and on. So what I do to start getting back into the habit of spending quality time with God? I buy a new journal in hopes it will jump-start the process. I have a ton of journals. Do I need a new one? No. But who wants to begin fresh with God in an old journal filled with old thoughts? So I bought one yesterday.

I’ll admit, I didn’t break it open today. My excuse? We got 8 inches of snow last night and I had to leave even earlier for work. Tomorrow I’ll start. And tomorrow I’ll have to tell you about how many half-used devotional books I have on my shelf…..

What i wonder….is anyone else like this?

I’ve been tagged! I was tagged by Jenny

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Let’s play!

1. I swallow my gum. And if it’s true that it stays in your body for 8 years, well then my intestines must be one big giant blob of Trident Original.

2. This memory just popped into my head…in one of my marketing classes in college, we had to do some video project in our groups. I remember my group had one of hottest guys at Union in it (Ben “Hottie” Hoskins), and for the opening credits in the video, we played the theme song to “Friends” and danced around with umbrellas in the Union fountain.

3. I secretly want to color and cut my hair like Katie Holmes.

4. I like to wear clean pajamas every night.

5. I love sleeping in on Saturdays…sleeping ’til you can’t sleep no more!

6. I won’t shower if the shower is in the least bit clogged. I hate standing in the dirty water. Bleh.

I tag Sarah, Lauren, Jessica, Brooke, Amy, and Leslie. Go! Go! You’re it!


* no better way to start the day then with a homemade banana maple muffin and fresh cup of coffee…

* more snow today…will spring ever arrive?

 * maybe I should buy a snowmobile…

* currently playing on my ipod…jadon lavik…check him out…

* this season of big brother….thumbs down…

* this season of american idol…thumbs up…

* watched 2 movies last night…”two weeks” was so sad….”no reservations” was cute…

* save or spend my tax refund? Save….

* one of my favorite blogs these days…ohmyseven…go say hi…she rocks…

* as ugly as uggs look (or the fake ones I wear), they keep me so warm…
* a new favorite show…john & kate plus 8…makes me tired just watching but I can’t stop…

* I miss my zeta’s…you bet no sweat… ^^^/

Did you know….the 1 in 5000 lobsters born in the Atlantic Ocean are BLUE?



Walking around Boston Commons on a beautiful day: free.

Enjoying a day with friends: free.

Walking through the public gardens and capturing this picture: priceless.

I feel like i should have something to say. The point of having a blog is for you to express what you think and how you feel and share that with the world. I read so many awesome blogs everyday for many different reasons…encouragement, a good laugh, inspiration, wisdom…and wow, most days they really blow me away. Some days the blogs i read don’t have much to say and still i go back the next day to see what’s on their mind. I feel like i should have something to say…a response to someone else’s blog, a picture to post, or a deep thought-provoking statement to share with the world. But i don’t….and here’s why.

 I feel like within the last week my mind has been so burdened and my heart just so heavy. Everything that comes to mind that i could write about, things that have happened during my day or thoughts that crossed my mind, seem so irrelevant now after seeing what happened to Union. It’s almost like someone dumped me and i can’t get over it. I’ve been praying for the campus non-stop, so sad that i can’t be there to help. You’d think that since i graduated in 2003, that i would be long over my days at Union, that it would all be a distant blur. But it’s not, far from it, because my 4.5 years (i changed my major..hence the extra semester…) was a time in my life I’ll never forget.

 I applied to 6 colleges. I got into 5 of them. All were out of state, the closest was an 8 hr drive. I visited 5 of them. Union was my absolute last choice, backup school that I’d pick if nothing else worked out. Nothing else did work out, and Union moved to the top of the list. Union was the one college i didn’t visit. The first time i set foot in Jackson, TN was the day my mother and i stepped off the plane, and arrived on a campus that was hot, flat, and not so lush landscaping (it’s gotten much better). The people talked weird, they thought i was rude, and boy was it hot. I walked in with 2 suitcases, my mom set up my room, and left me to be a college student. What on earth had i gotten myself into! In an instant i wanted to transfer, it was a culture i couldn’t handle nor was i ready for. I was an outsider, from Vermont (where is that?), with an accent no one could understand. I threw all kinds of hissy fits, promising my parents i would transfer at Christmas and i would never be back to Union. It just wasn’t for me. But God really worked in me that semester. He proved that Union was the place for me, that Union was where i would make lifelong friends, where i would grow spiritually, and where i would graduate 4 years later. I came back for the second semester with new eyes and a new heart, ready for what he had in store. He knew i would find my place there.

To see a place that meant so much to me torn to pieces just breaks my heart. I’m just like, wow, everything is gone in an instant. He knew that tornado was going to hit the campus. It’s surreal, and as if my time there has been erased. He knew it was going to be worse than the one that hit while i was there. But he also knows that Union is going to rise from the rubble as a whole new school, stronger than ever in Christ. I’m sad that the students won’t get to experience the same things i did….they won’t know all of the stories to each girls dorm room. The history of who lived there and what happened behind those doors. But they will get to create new memories to be passed on to the new generations.

I pray that the students who are there now will know how special their time at Union is. How cool of a school it is. How Christ centered it is. How much they can, and will grow during their time on campus. God knows what is in store for them. He knew with me, and i couldn’t have asked for anything more.


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