Grace in the small things

1. Getting back on track with finding grace in the small things in life. It’s good to remember the little things that make me happy throughout the day.

2. Cherry Dr. Pepper…oooh boy! It’s delish!

3. I rearranged my bedroom. A new start, a new room.

4. Hot cider donuts…seriously, one of my favorite things in life.

5. Sunshine on my back as i’m sitting here by the window…warms me up on this chilly day.


1. Sweet tea from Sonic.

2. My roommate Libby.

3. Being prayed for by a sweet friend.

4. Words of encouragement.

5. 70 degree weather.

1. 60 degree weather….summer can’t arrive soon enough.

2. Sleep…it’s much needed when you’re stressed.

3. Multigrain chips from Trader Joe’s….my new favorite.

4. The fact that the bachelor is over…let’s hope there is no surprise “After the final rose part 3”

5. A great car that has been really good to me….i surely appreciate it.

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1. One more day of work, then i have 3 days off.

2. My roommates dog that is staying with us for the week…i love having a dog around!

3. Sun

4. Dunkin Donuts coffee…large french vanilla with skim milk and 2 splenda.

5. A day off from work.

1. I sold some books and dvd’s today…made an easy $30.

2. Received a package in the mail from a good friend yesterday…it was just what my heart needed.

3. Diet Coke….when you don’t drink it very often, it’s even more delicious when you do.

4. Thunderstorms in the night.

5. Some of my tax refund already deposited into my account.

1. Steel cut oats with maple syrup and raisins.

2. American Idol season.

3. 70 degree weather today. Summer can’t come soon enough!

4. Dunkin Donuts coffee.

5. Emails from old friends.

1. The $25 cash i got from my dad in the mail today.

2. My TV Guide magazine that also came in the mail today.

3. The fact that i made the decision about whether or not to move back to VT.

4. The owl i saw in our driveway Sunday night when i got home. I’m still thinking about it, wondering where it is and what it does all day/night. I’m on an owl hunt.

5. Kraft Mac & Cheese…it’s what’s for dinner.

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