September 2008

It’s rush week at Union, so I’m spending the week in Jackson helping my sisters at recruitment parties. Being in Zeta Tau Alphawas the best part of my college years! I may not have a job yet, but it’s been such a blessing being around college friends and sorority sisters, and I’m excited to be living back in TN. Sisterhood for life!


After church, i love to:

Watch them…

Suffer through a season without him…

Read this…

And indulge in one of these…

How do you spend your Sundays?

Without a computer, i haven’t been on the Internet much in the last couple weeks. My laptop crashed over Labor Day weekend, and i just got it back from HP yesterday.


They said it might happen, but i didn’t believe it. It crashed in December, i sent it to HP and it came back with the same hard drive, just a new motherboard. This time, both were new and it was too late.

All my pictures were gone….2 years worth. All my documents, all my saved sites, everything all nicely set the way i like it. Yep, all gone. They sent back a computer that really doesn’t excite me anymore. I have to take time to put everything back on, make it pretty, and it’s just not the same.

I’ve been laying low…in a low state of mind, frustrated, and discouraged. I need a job. But an erased hard drive took it to a whole new low. I’m blah.

Hopefully things will start getting better. People have started calling about babysitting, so that is producing some income. Hopefully enough people will start to call to where i can make it a full-time gig. My dream of working at Coach was shattered when i found out they only pay $8/hr. Who can live on that! Crazy.  So it’s down the nanny/babysitting road i go.

Today was a good day, met a couple new families tonight that might lead to good stuff. I’m praying that God is going to provide great opportunities soon. I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

So i won’t really be around for a week as i have to send it back to HP for fixin…. 😦

Hope you’re having a fabulous week!