Ok, i wanna know….

Have YOU read the books? Have you become a crazed Twilight fan? More importantly, am i missing out by not diving into the love-story between a vampire and his lady?

I just finished this book.


That’s all i can say. A friend gave this to my mom to read. She told her is was the most disturbing book she had ever read. My mom passed it to my grandmother and she said it was interesting and controversial book she had ever read. My grandmother gave it to me and i say…wow, insightful and i certainly had some double-takes. Now I’m passing it along to my mother. She wanted me to read it before her. I’m anxious to hear her thoughts!

Have YOU read it? What are your thoughts? Do share!

A Novel (Ballantine Reader's Circle)

Those Faraday Girls written by Monica Mcinerney was one of the best books I’ve ever read. I read it last night… all 656 pages of it, in 4 hours.  It was excellent. The longest book I’ve ever gotten into and i couldn’t put it down. I want to call a famous movie director and tell them to make it into a movie, or call Oprah and tell her to make it a book club selection. 🙂