I’m on a serious job hunt here in Nashville! And I’m running out of ideas of where to look for jobs…eek!

If you know of any open positions in the Nashville area, please let me know!

I am looking jobs like: administrative assistant, marketing assistant, customer service rep, receptionist….(I have a BSBA in Marketing)

I would love to nanny…so if you know of any families looking, i am interested! And if you need a babysitter, i can do that too! 🙂

I know God moved me to Nashville for a reason, and i fully trust that something will come along….I’m just praying that it will be soon!


You Are Your Choices By Alexandra Stoddard

Every week my mom and i go to the library and come home with a stack of books to peruse until the following week . Most of the time i grab the usual “chick flick” type books with random authors or one of the many Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts and James Patterson novels. Today when i went the book pictured above caught my eye on the new release shelf. I love a good self help, make yourself feel good book every now and then, that you can flip through, catch the highlights, and walk away with a strut to your step. As i was flipping through this book, the chapter “Give Yourself Time” caught my eye.

One of my unsaid resolutions this year (I never write them down nor say them out-loud because i feel as though in doing so, when they aren’t completed, it will only make me feel like i didn’t accomplish my goals….you know?) is to be more patient. I am not a very patient person and i feel like since I’ve graduated college (2003) that God has really been testing me and trying to teach me patience. Often i like to take the first thing that comes my way because i don’t want to wait for what may be ahead. Sometimes that’s good, but sometimes it’s not always the right thing and thus i end up at another fork in the road with no directions as to taking the next step.

The author mentions in the chapter, “Every situation will last as long as it lasts… Don’t be hard on yourself when your making really difficult lifestyle choices and changes… When you find yourself in a muddle, when you don’t know what you want, when what you want isn’t happening, or when you feel overwhelmed by circumstances that have cause you great misfortune, give yourself time.”

I know that God is leading me somewhere and he has the plans all laid out, but i need to be better about actually stopping to listen to his directions, and not just taking the first exit i see. There is an end of the road to my roller-coaster 20’s and hopefully this year i can try to enjoy the ride and be patient about what’s to come.

What are some areas in your life where you feel you need to be more patient?