April 2008




I saw this sign at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. I just found it so interesting!


But does anyone else ever get tired of drinking it? I feel like it is all i ever drink. I drink it to stay hydrated, to keep the headaches away, and to help my skin look and feel refreshed. It’s a necessity in life, but so boring and routine. I miss the days of being a kid where calories didn’t matter…i could drink all the kool-aid, apple juice and Snapple i wanted. I miss the days of being a kid when no one knew about the effects of soda…and i could drink all the cans i wanted to. Now every time i pick up a Snapple, i think about the 300 calories I’m going to drink and not really be satisfied. Every time i pick up a diet coke, i think about the effects (most of which i don’t really understand…but i try to be healthy) it has on my body with all of those fancy scientific sweeteners. I miss a refreshing glass of sweet tea….oh how i miss sweet tea! (one thing Northerners sure miss out on!) Sure, there are all kinds of flavor thingys you can add to water…but Crystal Light really isn’t the same. I wish drinks didn’t count….that you could drink whatever you wanted and calories didn’t count. I would gladly give up water, and float away in a sea of diet coke or good old fashioned sweet tea.


 The latest cover of Time Magazine


Where have i been?

To answer the handful of readers who peruse my blog whenever they see a pig flying….I’m still here.

I’ve just been here, in the place where i live, hanging out, doing my thing….you know, bein cool on a daily basis. Working and reading and watching all the hit prime-time TV shows.

Things i’m looking forward to:

– Boston this weekend…reuniting with an OLD childhood friend i haven’t seen since i was 10? We’re going shopping, catching up, reminiscing and I’m very excited!

– Road tripping with my brother in May…driving him back from college down in NC. Who doesn’t love a road trip?

– My 27th birthday….yikes, 27 is so old.

– Grove City is fast approaching in July…my favorite week of the year! I’m co-leading the teen group for the week with Peter and I’m feeling the pressure of ensuring it’s a God focused and enriching week for them.

That’s me in a nutshell. I love the weather. I need a tan. I need to exercise. And i still really want a puppy. 🙂


– The snow is almost completely melted…thank you rain. Now lets move on to days of endless sunshine…please and thank you.

– I wish someone would buy the handbag i have for sale on eBay…i need some fast cash.

– Working at 5am on Saturdays…because who doesn’t love giving up their only day to sleep in during the week?

– The hair drama continues…i’ve decided to rid myself of these highlights and go back to normalness…can my stylist find my true colors? We’ll find out in a couple weeks…until then, expect to see me in a ponytail.

– I’m working my way through Sex & the City…currently in season 4. Not as good as Friends…but the fashion alone has got me hooked…it’s all so fierce!

– Mistaken Identity…about the girls in Indiana who were mixed up in a car accident…bought the book, can’t wait to read it.


Get excited because they are about to make a comeback! Here are the new kids all grown up in their latest promo shot.

Personally, i was always more of an NSYNC fan.

Did you have a favorite boy band growing up? Do tell. 🙂

I’ve been Twitterized!! And it only took a couple months…

I’m starting to get slightly addicted….and find it rather fascinating to see what people are doing at any given moment.  And maybe slightly creepy? Weird? Cool?

All of the people i follow, and who follow me, i don’t KNOW them…i only know them in blog world.

What will they think of next? If you want to follow me, go here. If you want to Twitter yourself, go here. Then be my twitter friend, and keep me entertained during the day. 🙂

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