But does anyone else ever get tired of drinking it? I feel like it is all i ever drink. I drink it to stay hydrated, to keep the headaches away, and to help my skin look and feel refreshed. It’s a necessity in life, but so boring and routine. I miss the days of being a kid where calories didn’t matter…i could drink all the kool-aid, apple juice and Snapple i wanted. I miss the days of being a kid when no one knew about the effects of soda…and i could drink all the cans i wanted to. Now every time i pick up a Snapple, i think about the 300 calories I’m going to drink and not really be satisfied. Every time i pick up a diet coke, i think about the effects (most of which i don’t really understand…but i try to be healthy) it has on my body with all of those fancy scientific sweeteners. I miss a refreshing glass of sweet tea….oh how i miss sweet tea! (one thing Northerners sure miss out on!) Sure, there are all kinds of flavor thingys you can add to water…but Crystal Light really isn’t the same. I wish drinks didn’t count….that you could drink whatever you wanted and calories didn’t count. I would gladly give up water, and float away in a sea of diet coke or good old fashioned sweet tea.