I’ve been tagged! I was tagged by Jenny

Here are the rules.
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(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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Let’s play!

1. I swallow my gum. And if it’s true that it stays in your body for 8 years, well then my intestines must be one big giant blob of Trident Original.

2. This memory just popped into my head…in one of my marketing classes in college, we had to do some video project in our groups. I remember my group had one of hottest guys at Union in it (Ben “Hottie” Hoskins), and for the opening credits in the video, we played the theme song to “Friends” and danced around with umbrellas in the Union fountain.

3. I secretly want to color and cut my hair like Katie Holmes.

4. I like to wear clean pajamas every night.

5. I love sleeping in on Saturdays…sleeping ’til you can’t sleep no more!

6. I won’t shower if the shower is in the least bit clogged. I hate standing in the dirty water. Bleh.

I tag Sarah, Lauren, Jessica, Brooke, Amy, and Leslie. Go! Go! You’re it!