…then by hanging out on Newbury St. in Boston. It’s my favorite street in the world, filled with A-MA-ZING shops, restaurants and one of the best places to people watch. I LOVE going to get my haircut there every couple months and i LOVE that i have the most amazing stylist. I have even gotten my Mother hooked and she loves our stylist too!

Some ofย  my favorite times in summer can be spent:

– grabbing an ice coffee and strolling up and down the street

– window shopping at all of the stores i can’t afford, flirting with the handsome bodyguards (did i say that out-loud?)

– making my way up the stairs to the top floors in Banana Republic and H&M!

– perusing the ONLY thrift store in the world i actually like, a second hand store filled with designer GOODIES!

I’m just SO happy that summer is here. Bring on the flip-flops, shopping bags and iced lattes!ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms - The Hangover

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should! It’s HILARIOUS!

(If anything, it’ just nice looking at Bradley Cooper throughout the entire movie!)

fail owned pwned pictures
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Ts-2 at ShopStyle

I like my beauty sleep and have done my share of driving while puttting make up on….but i’ve never seen this before! Until now.

Check out this aptly named TS-2 Nomad Mobile Flat Iron for your wandering lifestyle. Instead of a wall plug, it goes right into your car’s cigarette lighter. It seems like an accident waiting to happen โ€”Can you see a use for this product, (now on sale for $65)?

This is the best 9 min and 31 seconds EVER!

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I am SO not a crafty person. I’ve always hated doing crafts. I STINK at doing crafts.

But for some odd reason, I’ve become very fond of Etsyย – “Your place to buy and sell all things handmade”. So i thought I’d share some of my favorite Etsy shops with you, in case you’re crafty and/or just want to go shopping.


Oh, hello friend. (LOVE the name) This girl sells some very chic and super cute jewelry. You can visit her store here. I’d show you my favorite neckclace, but there is only one left and you might grab it before i do!

Image of posy headband - 36

The Pleated Poppy….This might be my absolute favorite store. I am LOVING her posie headbands like the one above!ย I won a pouch as a giveaway on her blog this week and OH MY, it’s even cuter in person! She even filled it with a posie, checkbook cover, thumbtacks and a tissue holder. LOVE it! If you have little girls, you will LOVE the posies! You can visit her store here.


Studio Mela….she sells wicked cute prints that if i could, i would adorn my walls with! They are fun, colorful and HAPPY! Visit her store here.

Those are a few of my favorites. If you have any favorite Etsy stores, do share! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, i wanna know….

Have YOU read the books? Have you become a crazed Twilight fan? More importantly, am i missing out by not diving into the love-story between a vampire and his lady?

Oh bloggy bloggy blogster, i’m sorry i have neglected you!

I’ll summarize that past few months to catch you up, OK?

  • I’m back in Vermont. Oh, it’s so lovely. I work for family, and you’d think we were Italian by the way we fight daily, and makeup daily. Alas, we’re not Italian. But we sure know how to make delicious cider donuts!
  • I’ve started a little side photography business. Just a hobby, one I’m REALLY enjoying! Have you seen my photos? Well you should. Go here.
  • I have another side part time job working for my own who does color analysis and sells her own line of cosmetics. We are working on her website right now, that hopefully will go live in the next couple months!
  • I’m obsessed with anything and everything photography. I spend my afternoons after my 5am work shift making (and eating) donuts, browsing photography blogs, websites, and learning from the BEST. There is MAJOR talent out there. To name a few? Go here. And here. And here.
  • I like to spend my free time watching the Etsy recently listed items pop up. I have yet to buy anything, but there is SO much i want!

Other than that, nothing else exciting is going on. I’m getting my fill of watermelon. I still haven’t hopped on the Twilight train. And i really need a vacation. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cherry blossom time by Xerones.

I can’t believe that it’s already the END of March! My oh MY how time flies! It’s starting to actually FEEL like spring…the days are a bit warmer, the sunshine lasts longer, and the mud is PLENTY! It’s good to be back in Vermont…i skipped the cold, blustery time of year, and now I’m skipping right to the good stuff. Spring, Summer and Fall. As boring as it is to live in this state, it sure is just plain pretty to look at. ๐Ÿ™‚

I still have no idea what i’m doing with my life now that i’m back home. There are a few things i’m working on that hopefully will take off…my aunt who has her own line of cosmetics is working on launching a website soon, and with that will hopefully bring in LOTS more business giving me a wicked fun part time job. I have always LOVED dabbling in her makeup! I’m also trying to start up a little photography biz on the side, so if you are looking to have some new photos taken, let me know!

I’m excited that new seasons bring new life, new changes, and a breath of fresh air. ๐Ÿ™‚

*Photo credits to Xerones*