To the handful of you who read this blog, you’ve probably been wondering where i’ve disappeared to.

The answer is….nowhere.

I’m still here. Just somewhat avoiding the blog world, only to read others and let mine fall by the wayside.

Honestly, i just haven’t had much to say. My life is fairly un-exciting. I work, i sleep, i eat, and that’s pretty much it. I read so many blogs daily that i LOVE and sometimes i feel like i’m a much better blog reader than blog writer. I always hope that they will inspire me to update mine, but then i think what i have to say isn’t so exciting.

I’m still in Nashvegas. Still at Trader Joe’s. Still trying to figure out God’s plan for my life. You would think it would be a fascinating life always full of suprises and changes, but really it’s just kind of frustrating. I will try to make a return to blogging. I like being able to keep up with my friends and i know that it’s mostly friends who read this.

So in short, nothing is new. One thing i’m grateful these days is the warmer weather….oh summer, where art thou?