Soooo…I’m back in NASHVEGAS and here’s how today is lookin:

1. I had planned to sleep until noon. I worked everyday at 5am while i was home for the last three weeks, so today was my first opportunity to NOT get up before lunch. That didn’t work out so well this morning with all the roommates getting ready for work, so I’m still exhausted. Bleh.

2. My car battery died while i was gone. It’s now sitting outside charging with some fancy box bringing it back to life. I think my car was sad i left it for so long, so it threw a temper tantrum. I missed it too.

3. I start my new job today! Trader Joe’s here we come! 🙂 And i am 99% sure i have another part-time babysitting job, so that will bring in more cash and thus, i can hopefully start to eat more than pb&j and pop-tarts!