I figured it’s a good time to update since i haven’t been here in ages….

* I’ve been back in Vermont for the month of October. The most wonderful time of the year to be in New England and I’m glad to be around the beautiful leaves, pumpkins and cider donuts from our bakery. Life in Nashville has been sweet, but when the well ran dry, i had no choice to come home and work for a bit. It has worked out well though because foliage is the busiest time of year at our store, so my help has been greatly needed.

* I landed a job in Nashville right before i came home. I’m excited, though it’s only part time so i have to find something else to go with it ASAP if i want to stay in Nashville. I’ll be working here very soon!:

Hooray for discounts!

* I took some photos from outside our store in VT….we had a busy Columbus Day weekend with leaf peepers from all over….