What I’ve been up to lately…

1. I saw my first celeb here!! I knew it was bound to happen eventually (I have GOT to start bringing my camera with me!) but i didn’t think so soon. I dropped my friend off to get a mani/pedi a Venetian Nails in Green Hills, while i went over to the mall to pick up some applications. Mid-application, she texted me saying “Kellie Pickler is here! You have to come see!” So i rushed through the rest of the application, hurried across the parking lot, hoping she would still be there! Sure enough she was so i saw her! Yeah, she isn’t that famous, but hey…it’s a start! She was being filmed for something…while getting a pedicure…and had a little dog in her lap. She was there for the entire time i ended up getting a manicure after i fell to the sales pressure from the woman at the front desk (my nails look so good!), and she left as they were drying. She walked out so fast that the best i could do was get a picture of the back of her as she was leaving on my phone. Anyways, it was a fun surprise!

2. Last night, i passed up going with my roommates to the  Yogurt Oasis downtown. It’s a hot-spot i hear because it’s fat free yogurt, with a ton of different toppings, and it’s sold by weight. I went there the other night and thought it was ok, but passed going again since i have no job thus no funds. Guess what celeb i missed out on seeing? Diana Degarmo! Remember her from American Idol? Top 2 with Fantasia? Again, she’s really not that cool…but hey, she’s more famous than me!

3. I’ve decided I’m going to bring my camera with me wherever i go, so when i see a celeb, i can snap some pics, then sell them to the gossip mags…make some cash! Nah, but that would be awesome. If only i could be a paparazzi!

4. I got 2 job calls yesterday…i haven’t gotten any so far! And as always, they jobs always seem to all come in at the same time. I interviewed at one today, and have one tomorrow. We’ll see! But at least I’m starting to get calls back…it gets frustrating to keep applying and then get nothing in response!

5. I hung out with one of my favorite people yesterday. She recently moved from Memphis to Chattanooga, so she too is unemployed and has lots of free time. I haven’t seen her in a year, so it was fun to catch up. There is nothing better than spending quality time with good friends. I’m excited to explore Chattanooga soon! I’ve never been and i hear it’s a great city.

So that’s what I’ve been up to…looking for a job and getting settled into a new city! 🙂