I have a new love. His name is Corel. He’s patient, very kind to me, forgets the past with the click of a button, and makes everything in life look spectacular. You might have heard of him. His full name is Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. 🙂

I recently got a new Nikon for my birthday. Photography has always been a love of mine, but i new things would only get better with a better camera….step 1. After a year of following so many beautiful photography blogs, i realized “wait, these pictures aren’t always taken so perfectly, they get EDITED to look this way!” Which leads to step 2…

Yes, the light-bulb went off. So i asked Elizabeth, whom i went to college with and whose blog i LOVE for the pictures (wicked talented!), what editing program she uses. Finally, a program for people who don’t have Macs…Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2! I did some research, bought a book, got a free 30 day trial of the program, and i love love love it! It’s a good start into the world of photo editing….I’m sure there are much more complicated programs! But for someone who has never taken any photography classes i highly recommend it! And thanks Elizabeth for the fantastic advice!

I recently did a little photo shoot with the girls we babysit once a month and their parents…here are just a few: