Where have i been?

To answer the handful of readers who peruse my blog whenever they see a pig flying….I’m still here.

I’ve just been here, in the place where i live, hanging out, doing my thing….you know, bein cool on a daily basis. Working and reading and watching all the hit prime-time TV shows.

Things i’m looking forward to:

– Boston this weekend…reuniting with an OLD childhood friend i haven’t seen since i was 10? We’re going shopping, catching up, reminiscing and I’m very excited!

– Road tripping with my brother in May…driving him back from college down in NC. Who doesn’t love a road trip?

– My 27th birthday….yikes, 27 is so old.

– Grove City is fast approaching in July…my favorite week of the year! I’m co-leading the teen group for the week with Peter and I’m feeling the pressure of ensuring it’s a God focused and enriching week for them.

That’s me in a nutshell. I love the weather. I need a tan. I need to exercise. And i still really want a puppy. 🙂