It Really Is All About Me

I just got home from a wonderful night out to a women’s dinner at the country club, full of awesome conversation, free purses and breakfast for dinner! My mom is part of Stonecroft Ministries and is very involved in the local Christian Women’s club that meets once a month for a lunch at the country club, which includes a fabulous meal, special feature and speaker who shares her testimony. A few times a year they have a night meeting to cater to those who work during the day. Tonight was just incredible. We had 75 women of all different ages come and 6 people who gave their life to Christ!! So awesome!! The best part was that the special feature was….all about PURSES!! We gave away 20 purses to the fastest hands grabbing random objects from within their purse, heaviest bag (we weighed them as they arrived!), most shabby chic and most unusual…it was a hoot! We learned a lot about our handbags and got some valuable tips from the book pictured above. The book discusses why women carry the purses they do and is filled with reminders of why God loves us even through our love for fashion!