I went to Target yesterday on my lunch break. Target it such a happy place and makes for a great pick-me-up halfway through the work day. It’s the little things that I find entertainment in…like the dollar aisles, which by the way is jam-packed with wicked cute Easter stuff!…the DVD aisles, hunting for those little “price break” signs and finding a DVD you want on super sale!…and the stationary aisle, who doesn’t love finding super sweet note cards at a bargain price? Another aisle that I often find myself in is the aisle of journals. I like to look at the journals, touch the pretty ones, and see if any are destined to be in my hands. Honestly though, I’m not a big journaler. Not as much as I would like to be or try to be. I like to look at them though in case I find one I like, one that will be pretty and exciting enough for me to want to use it….one that will be pretty and exciting enough for me to…. want to spend quiet time with God. (gasp!)

It’s easy for me to avoid getting up early to be with God and I’m a huge procrastinator. I want to sleep longer. I need to shave my legs thus my shower will take longer. I don’t have my outfit picked out so longer time is spent pacing in the closet. I don’t think God hears me. I’m too lazy to actually write things down. The list goes on and on. So what I do to start getting back into the habit of spending quality time with God? I buy a new journal in hopes it will jump-start the process. I have a ton of journals. Do I need a new one? No. But who wants to begin fresh with God in an old journal filled with old thoughts? So I bought one yesterday.

I’ll admit, I didn’t break it open today. My excuse? We got 8 inches of snow last night and I had to leave even earlier for work. Tomorrow I’ll start. And tomorrow I’ll have to tell you about how many half-used devotional books I have on my shelf…..

What i wonder….is anyone else like this?