I saw this on someone else’s blog and thought it would be a good one to steal since I’m still new to the blogsphere! Let’s see if i can even come up with 100 things!

1. I’ve stopped drinking water. I’m addicted to Poland Springs Sparkling Water either in Mandarin Orange or Raspberry Lime. I think I’ve gotten so used to the bubbles that normal water doesn’t excite me.

2. I love Italian food. Pasta, pizza, garlic…yum.

3. I dream about visiting Italy. If i can only ever make it to one other country, i would choose to go there.

4. My middle name is Victoria.

5. I wish i talked like Lorelai and Rory do on Gilmore Girls. That constant banter talk real fast, i love it.

6. I love coffee, but just one cup of coffee a day will do.

7. I hate museums. Please don’t make me go.

8. If my pillow ever touches the ground, like when I’m on a road trip and it falls out of the car, i won’t use it anymore until it gets washed. I hate a pillow covered in dirt.

9. I have a strong nose and i remember a lot by smell. I can always detect someone wearing Clinique Happy or Love Spell perfume.

10. I also have ears like no-body’s business. I can hear things from miles away and I’m always listening, even when people think I’m not.

11. My family owns a deli/bakery/greenhouse/fresh produce stand and I’ve worked there since 5th grade. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

12. I want to go to grad school and get an MBA, but i hate school.

13. I really want a puppy.

14. When i was in second grade, a ladder from the guys painting the house next door fell on my head and cracked it open. I now have a huge dent/scar on top of my head.

15. Growing up we had a dog and a bunny. Once they died, we were never allowed anymore pets.

16. I was born in Chicago and lived there until i was 10, then we moved to Vermont and have lived here ever since.

17. I wish we still lived in Chicago.

18. I have 1 brother who does sports broadcasting. One day he may be famous.

19. I still liked stuffed animals.

20. I have been a bridesmaid 3 times.

21. Nike Shox are the best shoes ever created.

22. In high school i played the piano, trumpet and sax. I still play piano, mainly at church.

23. In high school i was in the band, jazz band, choir and select choir.

24. In high school i tried sports, but i just didn’t care. I lasted 2 years in basketball and tennis.

25. I hated being on the prom committee…i thought the girls in my class were snobby.

26. I took 4 years of Latin in high school. It was stupid.

27. I graduated college in December of 2003 with a BSBA in marketing.

28. I love being in a sorority and try to make it once a year for either initiation or rush week just to help out.

29. My favorite singer is Justin Timberlake. I try to bring sexy back.

30. Best concert EVER…Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera on tour together.

31. I travel to Grove City College in PA every summer for a weekly Christian conference with my family. It has been in existence for over 50 years and about the same 300 people attend. One of the best weeks of every year.

32. The more i fly, the more i dislike it.

33. I have some of the greatest friends…i feel so blessed.

34. I have my whole wedding planned, much like Monica on Friends. I even have it in a portfolio like she did.

35. Other favorite singers include Keith Urban, Bebo Norman and Josh Groban.

36. One of my favorite parts of the week is listening to the Relevant Podcast. So funny! Check it out on iTunes.

37. Song played the most on my iTunes…At the Cross by Hillsong.

38. I hate umbrellas. I think they are useless because they always break in the wind. I would rather just get wet.

39. I love Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup ice cream.

40. I have sold over 100 things on eBay over the course of my life. It’s an easy way to earn money.

41. I have lived in Chicago, Vermont, Tennessee, Boston and Charlotte, NC.

42. I liked Chicago the best.

43. I want to move to Nashville to be near my college friends, but i will not wear cowboy boots.

44. Guys with guitars = major hotties.

45. Italian guys with guitars = the hottest of hotties.

46. I have a list of boys and girls names that i have carried around since 1995. I write down names i hear in public or read somewhere, and once in awhile cross off names i no longer like.

47. I almost always order a hamburger when at a restaurant. Nothing beats a burger and fries.

48. It’s real VT maple syrup for my pancakes/waffles/french toast or NOTHING.

49. Vanilla ice cream and maple syrup…a yummy treat.

50. In college i ate maple sugar candy (like the little people or the leaves) to pull all-nighters when studying. Way better than coffee.

51. Seriously, still barely halfway?

52. I grew up in a Christian home, but waited until i was 15 to get baptised.

53. I worked at Starbucks….for 2 weeks. I hated it.

54. My aunt has her own line of cosmetics and ever since she taught me how to apply makeup for my 16th birthday, I’ve been in love with makeup. I think i have almost every product she sells.

55. She also does color analysis, which determines what season you are and what colors look best on you. I am a summer.

56. Do you know what season you are?

57. Favorite snack? Reduced fat cheezits.

58. Every week i read People, Us, Life & Style, OK and In Touch celebrity gossip magazines.

59. I know more Hollywood gossip than you can imagine.

60. The NY Post, Boston Herald, and the NY Daily News are must read newspapers everyday. More sources for my scoops.

61. I have 20/20 vision and the only one in my family who doesn’t wear need glasses. I’m very thankful.

62. I love hair care products…shampoo, conditioner, gel etc….you should see my bathroom.

63. I don’t like walking/running for exercise….it makes my thighs itch. Elliptical trainers are the best.

64. I cheated every year when they made us run the mile in high school gym class…i only ran 3 laps around the track instead of 4. That way i finished about the same time as everyone else.

65. Putting makeup on everyday is my time. It’s a way to feel pampered and pretty, and it’s 15 min of time just to myself in silence before the day starts.

66. Psalm 63:3 “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.” The most beautiful verse in the Bible.

67. I dream of attending the Hillsong Church in Australia one day. Seriously, why does it have to be in Australia? That’s SO far away!!

68. I saw Billy Graham speak once…back in the day, with DC Talk. Awesome.

69. Jr. High was the most bizarre time in my life….probably why i don’t remember much of it, I’ve blocked it from my memory.

70. I would never go back to high school, but i would do college over again in a heartbeat. The best 4 years ever.

71. I’ve only dated 2 guys seriously. One in high school, one in college.

72. The second guy i met at our store….his car broke down the night before Christmas Eve and my mom invited him to spend the night at our house because it was snowing and she didn’t want to drive him to a hotel. Yes, she invited a complete stranger to stay at our house and we dated the next 2 years.

73. I’m still friends with the girl who dated my high school boyfriends brother…we dated them at the same time and because good friends. She lives in Kyrgyzstan. Check out her blog here.

74. I love the way my feet look after a pedicure, but i hate the process of having it done.

75. The same goes for getting a manicure.

76. I would rather get a shot at the doctors than have anything done at the dentist. I dread the dentist.

77. The only reason i am so fast giving change on a cash register is because I’ve memorized the change amounts…it’s not because i can actually do the math in my head.

78. One of my favorite cities in America is Savannah, GA. I’ve been there once and loved every second of it. It’s a like a magical land! I want to live there.

79. I am a huge Paula Deen fan, and while in Savannah i had the pleasure of eating at her famous restaurant, “The Lady and Sons”. A dream come true!

80. I only eat fresh fruits and vegetables….I’ve been spoiled growing up with a farm-stand in the family.

81. I can eat fresh strawberries in the summer until i puke. Soooo yummy.

82. I can do the same with blueberries.

83. Corn out of a can? Bleh. You haven’t lived until you’ve had fresh corn on the cob.

84. I had dinner with Bebo Norman once. (dinner being a potluck with him, his wife, his band and crew and i sat at the table next to him and hounded him with photographs and autographs…but still, it was dinner, WITH him 😉 )

85. This dinner also included Sara Groves and someone else but i forget his name. I have pictures with them too.

86. I would love to be a personal shopper for a celeb.

87. I like doing laundry but i hate folding the clothes when they are done.

88. I like my socks tight on my feet, like ankle socks. I hate when they are all flopping around.

89. I adore babies. There’s nothing better in the world than rocking a baby to sleep or sitting with them, viewing life from their perspective as they take it in. The way they smell, the softness of their skin…i long for the day when i have my own.

90. 10 more to go…

91. I look more organized than i really am. I keep things organized in my head, but sometimes that’s not enough.

92. If i could be on any reality TV show, it would be Big Brother. How easy! You sit around and do nothing, AND get on tv. Sign me up.

93. You couldn’t pay me to be on Survivor. I couldn’t handle sleeping on bamboo and walking around in a bathing suit 24/7…not a pretty sight.

94. I’ve been to Frank Loyd Wright’s home in IL. He lived in my city of Oak Park.

95. Nothing beats a Chicago hot dog from Portillo’s.

96. My friend Peter and i are directing the teen group at the church conference in PA this summer…for an entire week…all teens…3 hours a day…I’m scared!

97. I wish i could sing. Not just sing harmony in the background, but really really sing.

98. I drive a white Toyota Corolla. It’s pimp.

99. Going to a small Southern Baptist college in Jackson, TN (Union Univ), turned me into a nicer person. It took some of that New England cold/rudeness away. For that i am thankful. But i still don’t look up when walking down the street and still will never just say “hi” to strangers.

100. There ya go. 100 things about me. Never thought I’d finish. If you read this far, I’m impressed!