I don’t normally have so much to say about cats, since i really don’t like them, but i have another cat story to share. My uncle decided to take in 2 cats to our store last summer to be the official mice patrol. One cat stays in the warehouse and is scared of almost everyone and everything, while the other roams the store as if it owns the place. You’d think we’d have been shutdown already due to health violation of having a cat wonder around in the deli/bakery, but that’s another story for another day…so far no one seems to care. Anyways…

At work this morning, a mom and her little daughter came in to get some coffee and donuts on their way to wherever they were going. I happened to be making coffee and overheard their conversation… “Mommy look! The cat is shopping too!” (the cat that owns the place was wandering around by the coffee at that moment). “Yes, the cat is shopping. What do you think she is shopping for?” said the mom. “She’s buying cat nip of course!”

 It was cute and made me chuckle.It’s the simple things in life that can be so entertaining sometimes. 🙂