As i grabbed my coat and turned on the porch lights at 5am to leave for work today, a cat who looked just like this was staring back at me in the window. Completely startled me and since i was barely awake, this cat did not amuse me. My mother had just come down and was standing in her pj’s when she looked out the window and saw the cat too. We have a small bench right outside the kitchen window which faces the porch, and it’s level to the window. Since i had turned lights on in the house, the cat could see us too and in no time was up on the bench pawing at the window. Poor thing, it was only 15 degrees out and it was desperately wanting to come in. I knocked on the window hoping to scare it away so i could get out to my car, but no such luck, it wouldn’t leave. I was afraid that the cat might bite me on my way out, so i had to figure out a way to make the cat leave. I went back to the door and the cat followed, jumping up onto the bench by the door, literally pawing the handle trying to open in. There was no way i was leaving without this cat making its way in. My mom got a broom and had planned to shoo it out of the doorway when i tried to step out, but the cat was too fast and had it’s head in the door before i could even get my foot out. This went on for a good 10 min. Finally the cat lost interest and walked away from the door, and i took that window of opportunity to run as fast as i could to my car. Well, the cat did too and ran with me into the driveway, almost literally on top of my feet. Rubbing up against my legs, swatting at my feet, rolling in the snow in my path…and the worst part was that it was so dark,  i couldn’t tell if the cat was mad that i was ignoring it and was being mean? Or if it wanted to play. I’ll admit, not that I’m cruel to animals, but this cat wouldn’t let me walk…so i threw a couple snowballs at it, but it still kept going. I didn’t dare open my car door in fear that it would then jump in for the ride. So here i was out in the driveway at 5am, it’s 15 degrees, I’m half asleep, and I’m throwing snowballs at this psycho cat that won’t go away! Finally my mom had to get it’s attention to come back towards the porch so i could jump in my car and escape the madness. As i pulled away, the cat sat happily perched on the porch steps, almost as if it were waving goodbye.

I wasn’t sure if it was sad i didn’t take it with me? Or happy that the cat had won and claimed it’s territory. It will never make it into the house though, we have a “no pet rule”, so ultimately i won. I just hope it doesn’t return daily for a 5am playtime.