Everyone seems to be blogging about 7 highlights from 2007 or 7 things about themselves you might like to know, but since this blog is new and no one knows anything about me, i thought i’d tell you a little more about myself.

In a list of 8 of course.

8. I lived in Chicago until i was 10, then moved to VT. I went to college in TN at a small Southern Baptist school (yes, it was major culture shock!). After college i moved to Boston for 2 years. Then i moved to Charlotte, NC for a year. And now i am back living at home with my parents in VT. People say i have a midwesternsouthernboston accent….and that i talk too fast and mumble too much.

7. I love pizza. Anytime, anywhere, i could eat it everyday. The best can only be found in Chicago but Boston comes in at a close second.

6. I dream of going to Italy. I cannot wait for the day when i finally make a trip over there, but i think everything about Italy and Italian people is just so beautiful. Plus, they have lots of pizza!

5. I believe in the value of designer handbags, more specifically, i’m addicted to Coach. A great handbag completes the outfit and it’s a worthy investment. Shoes and jewelry? Meh…it’s all about Coach for me.

4. I’m in a sorority. Well, i was in college, but it’s sisters for life right? Zeta Tau Alpha. Yep, it’s the best.

3. I want to get into photography. I’m saving up for a nicer, fancier camera so i can get more into taking pictures and playing around with them. One day i hope to make it into a side business. I especially love photographing babies and toddlers.

2. I’m also addicted to the Food Channel. I watch it all the time, and you’d think that my love for watching would turn into a love for cooking? Yeah, not so much. Maybe one day.

1. My biggest vice? Hollywood/celeb gossip. I know, it’s bad, but it just fascinates endlessly! My brother is in sports broadcasting and he has spent his entire life watching nothing but sports. He knows everything about every sport from every year. It’s sick. That’s the way i am with celeb gossip. I read all the weekly magazines, i have several sites i check daily, and i of course watch E news.

So there ya have it. 8 things about me you didn’t already know. If you got this far, introduce yourself, i would love to know who wandered this way. 🙂